Cyber Law

In an era of constant technological advancement and innovation, the times require that lawyers that understand both the law and its relation to cyberspace. We are committed to delivering the best legal service by defending our clients’ interests in the cyberspace.

We understand the intricacies of digital law or “internet law”, which is the area of law that regulates how people use the internet. We specialise and assist in areas that involve how people use computers, smartphones, the internet and other related technology.

Our lawyers specialise in representation on Computer Crime and Cyber Crime and internet related offences. Specialists in cases involving:

  • Data acquisition,
  • Interception,
  • Data interference,
  • System interference , access (hacking, cracking) e.g. breaking of password-protected sites,
  • Password protection on computer system e.g. data espionage,
  • Data manipulation or Denial-of-Service (DoS) attacks,
  • Harmful and illegal content,
  • Bullying,
  • personal privacy,
  • copyright;
  • Online commerce
  • Phishing/Vishing/Smishing – personal information obtained usually through social engineering
  • Personal information (identity theft);
  • Agent malpractices – split transactions, remote withdrawals 
  • Shutting down or misusing websites or computer networks;
  • Hate and inciting terrorism;
  • Distributing child pornography;
  • Mobile Money fraud;
  • Card cloning;
  • SIM Swaps – use of fake identity documents or collusion; and
  • False transactions