Constitutional and Administrative Law

Our services include but not limited to :

  •  Litigation and legal advice on matters relating to the rule of law and the exercise of public powers;
  •  Litigation and legal advice on the proper interpretation of legislation and proposed legislation, as well as considering whether any legislation may be unconstitutional; and
  • Litigation and legal advice in relation to the fundamental rights in the Bill of Rights including the right to equality, dignity, property, trade, freedom of expression, demonstration , access to information and freedom of association.
  • Litigation and legal advice on a range of administrative law issues, including on whether a decision was taken lawfully, procedurally, fairly and reasonably.
  • Taking action to compel or prohibit administrative action of various types
  • Challenging policy or other legislative decisions taken outside the scope of an administrator’s powers.
  • Public procurement and public private partnerships
  • Tender preparation and adjudication
  • Regulatory compliance