The Team

OBEY SHAVA – Legal Practitioner

Obey Shava is a registered Legal Practitioner, Pastor and a Theologian. He is a recipient of the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights, Human Rights Lawyer of the year award (2016). He has a passion for litigation and regards the courtroom as his first office. For too long, he worked in an environment of serious litigation with a bias towards Human rights protection. His interest in litigation was thus galvanized into human rights lawyering. Apart from human rights, he also has passion for Labour and Corporate Law. As a theologian, he sees his practice of law as a peculiar calling to execute God’s will by entering into individuals or organisations’ affairs and be the needed solution to their problems. To this end, he is so daring that nothing stops in his way if he believes he is doing the right thing. He relates well with clients for his integrity, analytical ability and interpersonal skills that he always exhibits in his dealings.

In furtherance of his Human Rights knowledge and skill, in September 2017 and in Gevena Switzerland, he enrolled and obtained a certificate on the course on Human Rights Council, International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, International Procedure and Diplomacy

In recognition of his Human Rights work and advocacy, in October 2017, he attended an International Visitors Leadership Programme on Demand in Washington DC (USA) focusing on preventing and managing election related conflict, courtesy of the US Department of State Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs.

KUDAKWASHE TIRIHUMWE – Head Clerical Services