Criminal and Rights Law

1. Rights Litigation

The protection of our clients’ constitutional rights is always assured by our Human Rights Lawyers’ mastery in trial advocacy and unrivalled knowledge of the law.

We vindicate rights through offering strategic litigation on same at national, regional courts and tribunals across a range of human rights issues. We endeavour to reform the official policy and practice of our justice system. We promote a balanced and efficient criminal justice system, challenging the following conduct as well as ineffective and unlawful practices such as:

  • Excessive pre-trial detention
  • The reliance on torture to obtain confession
  • Impunity for pre and post-election harassment, violence and torture
  • Discriminatory treatment
  • Widespread and often systematic abuse by the law enforcement and security services
  • Impunity and where a question of international criminal law arises
  • War crimes and crimes against humanity

Our lawyers use the authority of the law to advocate for social change on behalf of individuals whose voices are otherwise not heard.

2. Criminal Litigation

Our lawyers appreciate the significance of criminal law and criminal defence services. We apprise our clients on numerous issues relating to criminal law. Through our knowledge and expertise, we endeavour to make sure that we do not cause discomfort, embarrassment or loss to our clients. Our lawyers are capable of handling the most difficult and complicated cases.  Our criminal law services consist of the following;

  • Attendances at Police Stations
  • Formal Bail Applications in all Courts
  • Formal Representations
  • Criminal Litigation (defending clients in court)
  • Appeal & Reviews to the High Court, Supreme and Constitutional Court